Some traditions you just can’t fight.

Yep. The tradition of getting lots of little things done on the last day of the holidays. Happens every time. This time I wanted to make another batch of soap, in case I don’t have enough for Christmas gifts for the people at work. So far these holidays I’ve made oatmeal soap, and turmeric and poppyseed soap.

This time I threw saffron into the mix. Maybe it’ll make the soap turn yellow – maybe not? But it’ll be interesting to see.

So while I run around today ironing and planting and cooking, and then while I go back to school tomorrow, taking the exams I had to mark over my break, (don’t get me started…), please pop across and have a look at the guest post I did a couple of weeks ago for Mr 1500’s ’10 Questions’ feature.

Have a quick read. Then feel sorry for me as I walk into Year 9 English on Monday to do a grammar lesson. Because of course every 15-year-old aches to do grammar.







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